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AFCEA Frederick Mission Statement

The mission of the Frederick Chapter of AFCEA is to (a) promote industry-government cooperation by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information and the exploration of issues relevant to its members in the biological research, biotechnology research, and medical research communities in the Western Maryland area serving the Federal government; and (b) contribute to the professional development of those communities.

AFCEA Frederick Vision Statement

To be the premier biological research, biotechnology research, and medical research chapter for professionals in government, industry and academia.

AFCEA Frederick Core Values



Insist on the highest ethics in everything we do.

Visionary Leadership:

Apply visionary leadership in our community and encourage it from our members at every level.


Consistently demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement of the Association and to improvement of service to our members.


Provide the highest quality in everything we do.


Commit to do everything possible to further the education of our members and of the communities we serve.


Encourage, embrace and continually enlist the support and inclusion of all members of our diverse international community.